Why Traders Café?

First Time in India

An exclusive club for Professional traders to learn & trade together for mutual progressive benefits.

What is Traders Café?

Traders  Café is an exclusive zone for full time traders. We are trying to create a co working space for professional traders to come, share, learn & trade to pursue their stock market passion.

Our aim is to help you develop independent trading competence in the market of your choosing, armed with profiling tools to help you make clear decisions.


Trading is hard.  Very hard.  It’s an extremely lucrative business, but it’s one of the hardest to master.  You can spend years learning on your own, or you can accelerate your development by working with a mentor.

Our Values


Mentoring & Guidance from Industry experts teaching effective risk management and trading methodologies to aspiring traders and investors.

Trading Infrastructure

Best in class infrastructure and facilities in one place for all your trading needs.


Monthly review and assessment of your trading journal in order to fine tune your trading methodology with best practices and improve your equity curve.


Deep domain expertise in Investing, trading, system design, automation, trading psychology and various stock market topics.

Market Discussions

Premarket & Post market discussions to understand the daily market behavior,  market insights, trading sentiment and prevailing market sentiment.


Network with full time stock traders from Bangalore to share knowledge and learn together.

Club Benefits

  • Daily Support in your trading.
  • Regular mentoring from Industry experts
  • Learn together & Earn together.
  • Share knowledge & expertise.
  • Gain confidence, Manage risk & Trade well
  • Gain independent trading competence.
  • Monthly classes on emerging topics
  • Trading infrastructure support.
  • Algo Trading* (Automation support for successful strategies)
  • Accelerate toward your goals
  • Breakdown the Markets with Actionable Insights
  • Distinguish actionable news information from noise
  • Understand the industry and how to structure your trading entity
  • Keep your approach simple and sustainable

Who can join us?

Trading is a stressful game. It requires a free mind and a comfortable zone. We provide an excellent trading space, platform and ambience for budding professional traders in their journey to pursuing financial freedom. It is a  place for your come, trade, learn, earn and celebrate together.

  • Only for aspiring full time traders.
  • Stock traders who shares common passion & mission.
  • Trading enthusiasts eager to learn and explore the Financial markets
  • Traders seeking mentorship & guidance from professional grade industry experts.
  • Traders looking for trading as a full time career.
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